April 13th 2007

13 Apr

right so yesterday i went to westminster abbey…CLOSED said the sign so ill have to go back next wednesday when they are open later. i got right up close to big ben and OK it IS big..but not as big as i thought.
my cell phone is dead….im sad because its dead so i think im going to go back to the hostel for a couple hours and plug it into the socket in the hallway while i read…
i got up late today because i went to bed late. i found a book store finally so i picked up stephen frys autobiography preally good so far. one disgusting part involving a dead mole….yeah that was gross. but so sad at the same time. that damn bitch with the donkey haha.
you have to read it to know what im talking about.

so anyways to give myself something to do i went to leicester square (first time spelling it right!) and got a ticket to the elephant man. im surprised a west end show was in a theatre the size of the Azmuth but that was such a good show. lost it a couple times when john and the actress woman depart on their first meeting her pleasure was so sincere in meeting him. and second time was when he saw her naked (she did really get down to the skives) and his admiration for her beauty was so sincere. needless to say they did their job in sucking me in. the guy who played john – the elephant man was amazing. they didnt give him any makeup but he did make himself walk and talk how he did. i was so stunned and he didnt NEED the makeup to make you believe. all his motions were carefully studied i mean…obsessively studied to get it that good. ill have to watch the film and see if i can find the doctors book he wrote about his experience with john.
most bizarre thing in the play was john said that when his mother was pregnant she was knocked down by and elephant…so something must have happened… i found that very interesting. it was also said that his head was 3 feet in circumference…and he most likely died of asphixiation, they suspect he went to sleep lying down as a “normal” person would because of the weight of his head john was forced to sleep sitting up.

all in all a very moving play. and the main message is image isnt everything. john was amazingly intellegent and very much into poetry…but the people who would look at him just saw a monster.

today i think im going to check out another play and hang out in leicester square a while. not sure what it will be tonight cabaret, mary poppins, billy elliot, equus, and others are on my list…thank god for the tkts booth!


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