April 10th 2007 II

10 Apr

yep so today i didnt really do alot which is ok. i got lots of sleep. so thats always good! i hopped on the tube and went back to leicastor square trying to find this little shop i found the night before after chicago but no luck on that one. i DID run into this WICKED store for artists i was so awestruck it was beautiful. art supplies everywhere on two floors….it was like artist heaven. it was called graphic something. i dont remember the last of it but man that was a great store.

i saw this poor kid with a “rat tail” haircut. i felt sorry for the poor boy i remember when two boys i hung around with when i was younger had that haircut. what the hell is up with that its like…i dont know. stupid thats what.

anyways i made it to leicastor square and they had all these handprints in the ground i about bust a gut at sylvester stalones he MANGLED that cement man. well whatever they take the cast in before they bronze it. his hands were at least 2 inches deep into the stuff. most everyone elses were all neatly done. his and arnold swarzineggers. that dude has huge hands.

ok im not trying to sound like a racist, im really not but i still find it weird when like asian and indian people talk in a brit accent. i find it REALLY bizarre for some reason. its NOT racist just different! also everything concidering traffic is opposite here. the escelators the side you should walk on the side of the stairs you use…its really weird. and its funny (im going to take a picture) but at pretty much each crosswalk they have a great “LOOK LEFT” or “LOOK RIGHT” on the pavement. i find that funny. i wonder how many people looked the wrong way before they decided to put those on.

i also found myself at trafalger square where the national gallery is. cool fountains and all that and the tube was right there so that was nice. i think im going to do what troy reccomends and just get on a bus and get lost on purpose. i mean if i end up somewhere nuts theres always going to be a tube station near by or i just get on another bus and take it back. its a nicer way to see london sitting down so i dont kill myself from walking for a month and if im hungry or need the WC i just hop off eat somewhere and get on somewhere else.

what else can i say about today.
i ran into another canuck in talfalger (wow my spelling is crap) square from ottawa. we talked a bit about travelling alone and whatever else she was pretty nice. didnt catch her name so if for whatever reason she sees this “hey!”

i finished my book which is a bummer. i need to go get another one but ive bought a couple graphic design mags when at heathrow the first time. so i think im going to go through those and see what they have to say if i understand any of it. i think my interest is peaking into graphic design im just not sure i have enough ideas in my brain to be able to do it. but you never know i guess. i might ask that jimboready guy i subscribed to on youtube for some tips and advise about it all. im pretty sure thats what hes going to school for.

hahahahaha oooomg. this dude at the cafe is totally smoking from a hooka. HAHAHA WTF. thats so hylarious!. hey at least hes polite and asked if i minded. im just busting a gut inside. thats so funny. only in england man. its like a little portable one too. hes sitting there now watching the football game with his foot tall hooka. hahaha….oh man. i wonder what would happen if someone in edmonton walked into a cafe or bar with one of those things OR just stood out on whyte ave just smoking that thing….that was the highlight today man. im so easilly amused.

tmorrow ive no clue what im going to be doing. i guess my plands for the national portrait gallery fell through, oh well. ill be sure to blog later on or the next morning.


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