April 10th 2007

10 Apr

this was written yesterday:
im in some middle of a round about waiting for my show to be let in. im 2.5 hours early. i also need to be a tiny bit more trusting. i stopped at a corner checking my map an how to get to the theatre and some older man saw me do this and asked where i was going to. i told him Cambridge theatre and he showed me the way, nice guy and no shadyness in it. my mind did think otherwise though for a short time. im seeing Chigago no clue about the story or anything. i just wanted something to do tonight. got my ticket half price at “tkts” booth in Leicastor Square. im still talking Canadian! im concentrating a bit on it thought. i found Charlie Chaplin in Leicastor square as well. he cant hide from me. tomorrow i think im going to the national portrait gallery. it looks interesting. im just going to take this last bit of my trip slow and spready it all out for the 3 weeks

. . .

chicago was pretty good! only downer was the american family from new york (surprise surprise) complaining in intermission that there was no scenery and nothing like the movie…duh. they also claimed to be avid theatre goers…if they were id think they would be openminded to KNOW all directors are different and its a small stage with a huge live band set up in an old band stand way. to me the director seemed to want the whole thing to look like a cabaret and to take nothing away from the intense choreography. besides the way he chose to do scene changes, it was way too fast to have scenery come on and off. they kept compairing it to mary poppins. hello….two COMPLETELY different shows and how the ice cream at mary poppins sucked…and how some people paid 54 pounds to see the show and they get stuck with tall people in front…right when i sat down one of the girls in the family said “great seats” in a bitchy tone…im not deaf thanks. if you were smart you would have done your research and found out about the half price booths that i got my ticket from…24 pounds for a seat 7 rows from the front thank you.

one thought on the technical side of things would be who the hell do you call for one of those glitter curtains you see in the cabaret halls? they had a massive one as a BACKDROP for the final number (no scenery….pff~)

the bonus of this little cafe im in everymorning is she already knows my “usual” even thoug ive only been here for 2 days….wild.

i put my mood as irritated because of those dumb people behind me last night. they bothered me. maybe ill cut my legs off to make people happy that im not blocking their views or something.


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