April 9th 2007

9 Apr

ok then. so yesterday night wasnt so good. different bed and on a noisy street. the room is nice for the fact its a single and i have my own space…but there is no socket and i tried closing the windw but it didnt make much difference. i also found that with closing it the room becomes a sauna really fast. at least at the cafe im at yet again, im charging up my phone with one of the sockets. and my phone is working!!! YESSSSSS
i was freaking out about that too last night. sortof like i have no way to talk to people on my own time etc…plus i have emotions pent up from saying goodbye to my uncle. i hate crying in public and i wasnt about to start crying at the airport infront of him and my parents and everyone else.
needless to say last night was also my first “what the hell am i doing” moment cried a while until i fell asleep and woke up this morning. i am more than relived about my phone and having internet right across the street. so that makes me feel better.
apart from that i feel dumb i stayed in a hostel i might open up later on but the only people ive seen are girls and i dont really…relate to girls all that much except for Ashleigh. so i havent talked to anyone but the people behind the front desk. in my emotional and a bit fragile state i dont think i really want to anyways.
todays plans are probably to get on a tube and get off at kings cross or something. just to test where my ankles at as well as my feet and if i want to do something more then i will. but i have 3 bloody weeks to do everything so i need to stretch things out and not do it all in a week. im still not sure how im going to do that but oh well.

heres a story i forgot to relate that was so hilarious. we were in Maastricht and there was this old guy that came out of a pub and basically said “im getting on my bike” then he went “hup!” when he got on and then “buhbuhbuhbuh” as he carried on down the cobblestones buhbuhbuh being the sound his bike makes on the road i guess. my uncle and i were the only ones who saw it so it was an inside joke for the last few days. that was so funny though and he said it completely serious and to no one in perticular. theres also this phrase that might not be widely used but i found it funny its “klap van de molenwiek” which is basically hit on the head with a windmill blade. so you call people who are a little bit stupid or if they did something stupid you ask if they have been hit in the head with a windmill blade. ahah…another inside joke. i guess youd have to have been there. oh well.

more old videos playing on the tv here again. old school paul mc cartney looks like when he was with wings…hes singing with a black guy with a fro if that means anything to anyone. ooh its ebony and ivory. haha…wow. i dont mind pauls voice but i think the excessive head movements bother me…

its a sunny day here in england. ill buy an umbrella the day i need one. seeing as i have so much time i might not even bothr going out the days it rains. so far all but one day has been crappy and that was just because it was a little cold and cloudy. one of the days in amsterdam it rained in the morning but that was before we got up and went out.

whoever told me that double deckers werent around anymore was wrong. ive seen a few on the streets around here. not sure if ill ride one but they are pretty spiffy all shiny and red nothing like the old shitty ones we have for the tours at home.

i think thats it for right now ill probably be on later on so i can talk to you guys on msn and write about whatever i did today.


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