April 8th 2007

8 Apr

christ…im this far from canada but they are playing a celine dion video…GAG
as you may have noticed my layout has changed to suit where im at…LONDON
i survived the freaking looooong tube ride to my hostel. took like a half hour – 45 minutes. but i made it and i survived. not feeling desperatly alone. sucks my cell phone isnt working though. maybe because i havent paid my bill but ill get on that soon. speaking of old music europe seems to like old school stuff britteny spears was on before her career crashed and burned.

i have a hell of alot of pictures im going through right now. i think i might need a break in between sucks i can only upload 6 at a time so ill do the tops for now and upload the rest at home. i dont want to delete any so im making folders on my card and all that.

onward with the journal entries:
april 4th 2007
today was a VERY cool day. mom and dad went to do their own thing and i did mine. so of course i got on the wrong tram and took it to the end of the line…got on again and went all the way back to where i started and tried again. i got all of my shopping done today! lots of goodies for people. apart from that i didnt do much.
i hope uncle likes the thing i got him (he did) its a little “feminine” bt i like it. its a little wooden vase with 3 tulips. NOT representing the 3 of us its from me and me alone. he has been watching out for me and being someone i can really talk to. i see a lot of yself in him, he says thats a bad thing, i dont. so im going to have to write him a thankyou note and all that with it. his house is really nice. he lives in half of a farm house near utrect. so its out in the country side and pretty nice area. mom is ill so im getting the bad end of it plus she told uncle that ill probably be spending all the money they gave me by the end of the week (4 days) and that ill be calling home crying because i lost my passport or im out of money…i dont think so. i was and am upset about that its so embarassing ESPECIAlLY infront of my uncle when that isnt even true. that hurt my feelings. i started crying when dad came to check up on me. i really hate when she does shit like that. but aside from that tonight dad and i went for a drink, i had coke, and we were talking about all of the above then a couple waved us over and we started talking with them. they were about dads age and really nice. Jan and Janna. it was so cool to have a true “european” experience like that. a little off but it was nice after crying at the bar when dad and i were talking. tomorrow we are taking the train down south.

April 5th 2007
today we went to Maastricht which is close to the Belgian and German Borders. we went by train picking up my uncle in Utrect. 2.5 hours later we arrived walked all day seeing all sorts of things and bought some nearly true belgian chocolate. i ran into a nijntje store and found some stuff. and i got spoiled…my uncle bought me a striped porceline cow i really liked in one of the windows a smaller version of the ones that used to be on the streets at home. i got a picture before it got shipped home so ill be posting that. its weird taking the train at night, its so dark out. at one of the church museums they had a silver key that was from the year 836, damn old. tomorrow we are going to a geritage park like for edmonton but about the old dutch ways.

that heritage park was really cool! lots to see and tons of walking. but it was pretty cool none the less. especially the outhouse…if i can post the video you all can see. basically it had a tape playing in there of a guy really struggling to take a shit and back then it would just drop right into the river so you could hear some good splashes. but man he was making some noise.

the day before today i went to the anne frank house. the line was about an hour long but well worth it. it took up about two buildings but you ACTUALLY go into the office building and the annex where they hid out. i could not imagine being stuck in there on edge for 2 fucking years. it was a decent size but damn. id be so tired of it all the time. there was one depressing room in the newer part f the museum where they had the cards they were assigned in the camps and what all went on in the camps. i knew all that so i just took a glance at the cards and got out. they also had her original diaries and there were still some of the pictures she put up on the walls. there was also a part on one wall where her mom drew pencil lines to mark their growth during those 2 years. pretty interesting. i had a picture of the bookcase but i deleted it…fucking idiot! but i bought a postcard of it anyways.
i also stopped off at the museum shop for the van gogh museum as there was no way i was going to even attemt to get in there with all the people around on saturday. i also went to the red light district. not as cool as i thought it would be. the girls ewrent even remotely pretty and the streets were pretty dirty. i guess it comes with the region but i was a bit dissapointed.

i think thats all for now, check out the pictures im posting as many as i can before i fall asleep.


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