April 3rd 2007

3 Apr

made it to a computer at my uncles house YAY. so im uploading pictures. hopefully i get them all on ive got like 300. damn. my uncles computer is pretty slow but his place is really nice. he lives on a farm way out in the middle of no where. outside its alright but inside its really nice!
havent seen any prostitutes yet. we drove by an escort service last night but i didnt get pictures of the red windows. i have some journal entries to talk about that i wrote down so this will be a long one…

April 1st
today my great uncle Jaques came and picked us up at 8am. a bit early but i survived. first stop was the Keukenhof. mostly a botanical garden but they also had a windmill and some other things. across a short distance you could see the flower fields already starting to bloom. we had a waffle near the windmill and little pancakes for breakfast a little bigger than a toonie. at the keukenhof they had a falconry demonstration. very cool. i think there were 3 owls. two were great horned. he did a demo with 3 different falcons apperantly when they dive they can reach 350km/hr. the owls were VERY cool. ive never been that close to one (about a foot away) there was also an albino peacock wandering the grounds. never heard the noise they make before but he was gorgeous. very clean looking, i just wish he fanned out his feathers. after that we drove through Delft, the city where the blue and white porcelin is made. After that we went to Middleberg where my Omas (grandmas) family is from and i got a picture with a statue that all the ladies before me in my family sat on. i didnt sit on her though. we stopped for a drink in middleburg. its a very cool town and dead quiet as most things are closed on sunday, the rest day and today is palm sunday too so i guess its extra quiet.

its strange. i know im about half aroun dthe world but i dont feel it. sure people speak dutch but there is so much english and everyone seems to be able to speak it even if a little so communication hasnt been a big problem. i guess i think i should be feeling like im sooooooo far away from home and all that. but i think the security of my parents (mom is driving me NUTS!) and my uncle being around that im not freaking out. and its nice having my uncle around because its like having a personal your guide, driver and translator all in one. i cant say i was expecting to be able to see horizon to horizon either. in the coutry side it looks alot like alberta.
we also went to the beach today. huge long beach and a long ways to the water with white fine sand. there were people using 3 wheeled karts and wind sails wusing them to move. they get going very quick. it looked fun but youd need amazing arm strength to steer and handle the sail.
it was about 20 degrees today with not a cloud. great contrast to edmonton and everything is GREEN.
it feels like ive ben here longer than 2 and a half days (5 now) but i guess thats the nice thing about vacations. later in the week ill be going ot the van gogh museum, the torchure museum and the anne frank house. the line for the anne frank house is nuts so ill have to go early.

April 2nd
driving around mostly today. first stop was a fisherman villiage called Vollendam. had the first meal of the day there tomato soup and a chicken sandwish. then we drove through Hoorn pas a bilding that was build in 1363!! woah! it was leaning to the side a bit but it still looked good for that age. last night we ate in Utrecht at a Thai/Indonesian place. we will be going there again (did that today!) so we can get some miffi stuff (totally did!) its nice seeing the electric windmills everywhere. people think they are ugly back home. they are pretty peaceful and they dont take up that much room.
the old farm houses are cool. in the province we are in now they are square with a huge pyramid roof. my uncle says they differ in each province which they do.

April 3rd
so today we went back to Utrecht. the miffy museum was pretty cool saw how he made the books and all that. bought a bunch of stuff there like a stuffed miffy and postcards for my wall and all that. we wandered around a bit. my mom is driving me crazy though. nagging me and being anal about all this stupid crap. tomorrow ill be wandering around on my own so that will be a welcome break from that. ill be trying to add comments to all my photos but my mom is spazing about that too. saying they will be here all night if i do that. they should have just gone back to amsterdam and i come here for a while. oh well i can add comments later tomorrow its just the uploading thats taking forever. im trying to pick out important pictures right now but they are all really important and really good. i dont think ill have time to send them to myself right now which SUCKS but at least i have them on my site so i can save them off there.

i think thats all for now. hope everyone is good i miss you all and am thinking of all of you.


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