March 31st 2007

31 Mar

ok sorry i havent posted its a bit difficult to find an internet cafe around here. hope everyone is ok and im alright. the layover in londond was a bit long but i survived. there is an internet cafe right down the block from where im staying but it looks kinda seedy. i might go inthere sometime. this one sucks as its just a monitor and the towers are under lock and key so i cant update the pictures. i HAVE gotten lots of pictures though. the buildings here are pretty cool. the food is great too. we went to the rijk museum today with a bunch of stuff by rembrant, very cool.
my ankle is acting up and i hate it. its sore half the bloody time so hopefully it smartens up.
just checking all my e-mails…….
not many so thats alright. umm…weather has been really nice a little windy today but nothing too major about 15 degrees or something haha losers back in canada 😛
hum what to say about amsterdam…loads of wicked buildings all row houses. the apartment we are staying in is pretty small its at the top floor of this suicidal staircase 3 flights! jesus its a hard climb. but the view is really nice. the canals are interesting too and bikes EVERYWHERE. seriously you have to look twice before you cross the street not just for tram cars and cars but for bikes…those people are mental to ride those things here. apperantly my parents are going to be giving it a go. im skipping that for sure. i dont have a death wish.


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