Found A Britcom

23 Mar

this just in:
worst line ive ever heard said during sex
“come on love youre like a dead horse put some minge around it will ya?”

i watched that mouth agape. dont worry i wasnt taking part in some weird kinky event. this was from the show “Extras” a brit-com ive just come to discover off of youtube and yesterday i saw at HMV they had the first season on DVD so i picked it up. its so hilarious. basically the show follows the lives of two extras who are “backround talent” in movies. so Andy claims to be a real actor but his agent is shit and hes never really acted in anything and his main goal always seems to be getting a line. then maggie is also an extra who seems to be extremely desperate in getting a man. so she got lucky with one of the guys in the same film and when they were having sex he said that to her. wow. hahaha

but to make the show even more funny is there are famous actors essentially doing cameos but the show makes it so that they are the ones starring in the films these extras are partaking in.

there are 6 episodes on the DVD so far ive wateched Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller and Ross Kemp. im sure it would be better if i knew who the hell ross kemp was but i dont. so these actors are supposed to be playing themselves but i guess its a more cartoony version. kate winslet is playing a nun in a holocaust flick so she can garuntee herself an oscar and she helps maggie with dirty talk on the phone. ben stiller makes himself out to be the greatest thing since jesus with all his blockbuster films and how they opened to $36 million and all that. and ross kemp pretends to be this tough guy but really isnt and claims to have training by the SAS (special air service) but he thinks it stands for “Super Army Soldiers” i nearly bust a gut when he said that.

andys agent is hylarious too. andy walks into his office and he says “hey i just typed fifty-eight thousand and eight into my calculator, when you turn it upside down it says BOOBS well worth knowing”

ive also watched the one with daniel radcliffe and orlando bloom on your tube. those ones are really funny too.

im now down to 7 days until i travel. it seems strange though it started maybe 5 months ago and now its pretty much here and i have lots of stuff. ive gone overboard with safety but i think thats alright. bought a little first aid kit and bandaids and all that. ive got new shoes that are acting up right now but they will be decently broken in by the time i go. but ive got anti blister stuff so hopefully i dont have to worry about getting blisters. if i do i got blister pads and the whole works.


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