2 Feb

this is me in Vancouver.
last night i saw KEANE live in concert and what a fucking concert it was!
i have not really been to all that many concerts in my time but this one was amazing. fucking. amazing.

the opening act was wicked too. they are called Rocco Deluca & The Burden. im not very sure what genre they were but they were very good. i picked up their Cd before the show. i was a smart one and bought my merch BEFORE the show. at the end there was nothing left. i dropped a bit of money but it was worth it. i got the “fish bomb” sweatshirt very nice. its not thick like a normal one its a little thicker than a t-shirt. so it was perfect for walking around Vancouver today. i also got a vynal bag. maybe ill have to invest in some keane vynals hahaha. i dont even have a record player but its very cool. ill have to be careful i dont use it while wearing the sweatshirt because its also clad in the fish bombs but in red and olive green where as the sweatshirt is in blues and grey.

ive also never had to stand at a concert but it was really worth it. the crowd was into it. it makes me wonder what THEY hear up on stage. if i was getting moved by the electristy i couldnt imagine being up on stage hearing 2000 fans singing your music…your words and coming to see YOU. i think it would take alot to get used to…not sure i would ever get used to it really. Tom (the lead singer) said he was saying to Tim (piano) before they came out that this tour gave them all inspiration and more means to do what they do after the dark times they have been through recently. for me personally that show gave me all the faith i needed. after tom went into rehab for coke and alcohol i lost a bit of faith…i felt that the band had lied about their image saying that they are grounded guys with no need for money and they are just normal people. but seeing him up there seeing how he put so much energy and sweating by like the 3rd song i was just blown away. they ARE those same three boys that started out in a muggy room rehearsing and trying to make it big. i suppose i dont have much experience with addiction ive never known an alcoholic or addict or been one myself. but this show even helped me out. im getting emotional just typing it but i went by myself…no one was talking to me the seats were cramped (im 6’2″ so yeah…it was a tight fit for me) i am in a strange city the opening act was good but it just made the lonliness even more so i guess.
when keane came out and tim started playing under the iron sea looking like a mad scientist in his lab when he plays that piano and tom came out playing piano with him…when the music started the crowd stood up tom started singing all that just vanished…i was one in the crowd i sang as loud as i possibly could not caring who the fuck heard. this was my band…this was my concert. i was wishing so badly that my friend ashleigh could have been there with me to experience it with me to get that same revalation…but in a way im glad i went by myself…it was a journey into self discovery into letting myself go and living the music that i do love very much that speaks intensly to me. they played all my favourites and i have some new found ones after hearing them live. even though i was madly taking pictures for the most part i was so into it…even listening to is it any wonder at the bus stop today i couldnt help but move to the music a little nothing too crazy…but just the care free nature i didnt care. ive spent so long worrying what others think of me i hope this concert helps me to get over that. it might have broken my self concious and extremely lonely spell ive been feeling. whenever i hear those songs i can just live that concert again, even though it seems like a dream, and remember the electrisity…the enourmous vibe and how grateful those boys seemed to be up there and see their fans chanting for them (keane keane keane keane) faster and faster no stop to noise…when there was a lull someone screamed or i whistled the people infront of me seemed to not like that but i didnt care…it was my show.

the set list was:
Under the iron sea
put it behind you now
leaving so soon?
might as well be strangers
nothing in my way
bend and break
try again
your eyes open < with acoustic guitar
hamburg song < tom on piano
cant stop now
a bad dream
the last time
somewhere only we know
is it any wonder?

Crystal Ball

i loved how at the end of the show they played “goodnight” by the beatles as the auditorium cleared out. very nice touch. i think i said to myself that if i ever did a show i would play that at the end. maybe keane read my mind that day.

im just sitting here remembering it all…even though its already like a dream fading into the pool of all the rest of my memories…its one of the best i have. and i still have the pictures to remember.

“they must put something in the water when you cross the border from america to canada because you guys are amazing”

“our music must be healing becausee theres a girl here with her crutches, whos now waving them, and she was sitting for the first couple songs but now shes standing!”

“we couldnt have asked for a better end to our tour”

this was worth the money i spent…the concert blew away my expectations i had no idea it was going to be THAT good and THAT moving. and THAT changing…

by the end of it i was elated…sick to my stomach…my throat hurt and a new person…

definatly not what you usually expect out of a concert. then again my opinion has changed back to that of:
keane is no ordinary band…or maybe the fact that they are so ordinary is what makes them extrordinary.

i took a few videos on my digi cam im not sure how to view them or get them onto my computer ill have to look into the manual for that one.
just talking about the show exausted me.

i did walk around the metropolis mall for a bit. i had dinner/breakfast/lunch at rickys. i hadent eaten before the show or after. and i didnt really have breakfast when i woke up.

i also got myself and ashleigh a pink frog (i know ash, its pink get over it ahha) with a little crown…so its the frog prince. i got her a little card to go with it to say “some day our princes will come” we are both struggling with the single thing and seeing as i like to get people a little something when i go somewhere to let them know i was thinking about them i thought it was cute and suited our situation.

i went to HMV because its kindof a comfort zone haha a constant whereve i go i guess. and i picked up this freddie mercury documentary i hadent seen before. so im probably going to watch that tonight when my aunt and uncle go to sleep. i do have headphones so that wont be a problem.

this is so nice its definatly what i needed. its nice looking down the street and seeing mountains. tom of keane said thats where they were going tomorrow, taking a night flight out so they could spend the day in vancouver and see the mountains because they dont have them in england. its cool that this time round they took their time at the places they were so they could see a bit of the cities and all that stuff. it is gorgeous out here. it was +6 yesterday very nice to walk to the bus stop and all that. and its true…when you look down the street you see the snow capped peaks at the end of it.

if they ever come to vancouver again i am most definatly dropping the $300 plane ticket to come out here. i might stay in a hotel next time but its nice staying with these guys. just staying in an apartment that looks like its STRAIGHT out of an ikea catalogue is a bit akward for me. im afraid to touch stuff or put anything out of place haha. but no they are really cool. they are total winos haha. i tried one of the wines. it wasnt bad but im not much of a wine person. i havent aquired the taste. so im on the hard liquor hahaha i had a couple glasses of whiskey and lime pepsi. the best substitute for a rye and coke that they had and it wasnt tha bad actually. tasted the same to me.

by the way if you are a fan of queen or freddie mercury…buy the music dvd called “the unknown story” i think its called. beautiful documentary on a beautiful person.

today im off to the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out an exibit on a local photographer whos pretty big in taking local shots off stuff. so that should be cool. it says in the information theres also a fully illustrated book. so ill have to check that out for sure.

this blog has run on enough.


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