holy going to holland batman!

5 Jan

You read that right, Robin. I’m going to Holland.


Yesterday out of the blue said she and my dad were going to Holland…Would I like to come? I said YES.

Turns out we are making a connection over in london soooooo im going to be finding out how much I have to pay my mom so I can stay behind and do my ENGLAND EXTRAVAGANZA!! (tho delayed)

3 weeks in tropical england hanging out…checking out the beatles over in liverpool, seeing the viking city in york, getting drunk with druid spirit over in The henge and nerding it up big time in london with my museums… checking out where my man Chaplin came from. possibly having a date on downing street (not with Blair tho…hes not my type)

and of course tea with the queen, tho I’d have water…I’m not much of a tea person better be damn good water too…maybe with liquid cocaine or something in right?

so I got all the plans for england but none for clog clicking Holland…if anyones been there let me know and im sorry but I think “special brownies” are out…my parents are with me, probably will get in major hoo ha if I pull any of that.


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