Had a Dream…

28 May

ok so last night this is the dream i had what i can remember seriously it was like a video game but with real people and your real life at stake only for some reason you had more lives

first it started off as like a class trip with people i didnt really know…which was a good thing the guy from limmy.com was the guide and so our “test run” was running through this like…underground tube thing while african tribesmen chased us in a truck blowing poison death darts at us but if we made it to the beach we were alright, so we all made it the tribes guys were going pretty easy on us, and the beach was really nice, but then we find out we have to make it back the same way and the tribes guys are on foot after us this time, i came close to getting a dart in me but i got away some how.
so next we are in this house and we have to make it through all these crazy things with sentry guns EVERYWHERE so at first we are all travelling as a pack weaving through the hall ways avoiding intence bullets i managed to get around a wall and 3 girls who were part of our group made a deal with the house or whatever that if they used a round of ammo on their own people they could go through the room without being shot at…so they were firing and shooting at us this is when i managed to get around the wall and so 2 of their friends were like “oh hey what are yo…” yeah..dead then TWO of them ran out of ammo one bitch pretended she was and then one girl stepped forward and got shot…so then those 3 ran off ahead of the game with no firing other people followed but got shot at…so from what i heard from someone else we lost 5 people, some people were crying me on the other hand was just thinking what the hell is this so i started progressing down this hall dodging the bullets making it to another room with an array of chairs and these freaky waiter looking guys with some nasty looking scissors…one of them got another girl cutting her right in half her top part just fell off, i got lucky yet again and one guy cut my left leg at the calf so i lost that bit of myself….it didnt hurt thankfully then i thought i was going to loose my right arm because one of them was comming at me but i got through the door way which i guess was some checkpoint and they couldnt hurt you if you passed it so yet another hall way into a room with a vacuum and i dunno…so i was crawling on my stomach ( as i had one good leg now) through this sea of dining tables and the vaccuum was supposed to distract the gun men for some reason but if you pressed this thing it like moved by itself to another number that was on the floor…yeah no idea so im crawling through these things and all the workers are just standing there and i get to the TV we had to find and pressed the play button on it saying congrats your the first one to make it through yadda yadda so i get this ring that doesnt fit anyway, then my friend david and garen come flying through the door way covered in blood and i asked them where richard was and they flip out and run back into the gun fire to go find him and im screaming at them to not go back, meanwhile other people from the group have made it through and so we wait…and wait then garen and david come back with a really mangled looking richard and david starts using his EMR skill on him to bring him back…one of the maid looking workers got my leg putting it back on me…so i was fine

i came out of the thing with 17 lives left i dont remember how many we all started with but i think if you got shot or hit or cut then you lost one life kinda thing we declared all the ones left a lost cause and then we yelled at the ouse that we beat it…then one of the workers took us up this long hall with arches our names and numbers thats how i know i had 17 lives left david had 19 or something and richard scraped by with 1 life…so i guess if they took that one life hed be really dead

thats all i remember of it…and i mean it was scary for me it was like one of those video games but your own life at stake it was cool but it was also one of those dreams that i woke up from and i didnt want to go back to sleep for fear it would continue



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